Monday, May 9, 2016

How To Use DSP

This page is a part of the "Understanding IRIS" collection.  Many thanks to David Takle, for figuring this out, and sharing this with us:


More good news.

See attached configuration guide, on how to use DSP
This was the single most powerful tool on IRIS for system's work.

Looks like DSP works quite well without crashing.
The trick is getting into it, because you have to type
DSP <control-E>X
followed by return.

Problem is that the simulator uses control-E to interrupt the Nova and go back to the simH console.
So add the following line to your nova-iris.simh

That will change the simH interrupt from Control-E to Control-F, so you can use DSP.

Be aware that the system runs way too fast to see the display go by when you use some commands like "D" (dump) or "L" (list).
Two ways to deal with this.
1. Start earlier than what you want, and then use Control-S / Control-Q to stop and start the display at will.
2. Log all your console I/O to a file. You can do this with "SET CONSOLE LOG=<filename>" either directly in the simH console or as a standard measure in the .simh file. I have not tried this yet, but it might be possible to have the file open in Notebook++ or something like that to see what's going on.


This page is a part of the "Understanding IRIS" collection.  

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