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Since the original creation of this page, we have successfully read the DART UTILITY tape.  Click Here to see those files and details.

Streaming Tape Systems Backup a Winchester 
"Silicon Gulch Gazette" 26 November 1981    

MICROTECH Business Systems introduced a high-performance family of DART-based minicomputers, all built around Winchester disk drives and all featuring the flexibility of streaming tape backup. 

The DART family—available in seven basic configurations—includes a high-speed, 16-bit minicomputer and 64Kbytes of RAM memory on a single board. All models support a variety of hard disks, from 10Mbytes on a single spindle to as much as 732Mbytes on four 


The DART-based systems run the IRIS operating system and a wide variety of existing applications packages. 

Software currently available from MICROTECH includes everthing from word processing (TIPIST) and accounting packages to a variety of medical, dental, legal and architectural programs. 

The smallest computer, called the System 50, includes a CPU with 64K of 

memory; four serial I/O ports; a 20Mbyte Winchester disk drive with a 20Mbyte 
streaming tape backup drive and controller; a 27 -inch cabinet; and the IRIS 
operating system. Available immediately, it lists at $14,950. Optional printers and CRTS also are offered. 

At the top of the line, the System 400 includes a POINT 4 computer with 64K of memory and battery backup; a 158Mbyte Winchester disk and microstreamer tape backup; a controller; four serial I/O ports and the Mighty MUX multiplexor; a 27-inch cabinet; and 

the IRIS operating system. Also available immediately, it lists at $36,000. 

For further information contact: 

Bill Gallucci
Microtech Business Systems
3180 Pullman Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 
(714) 557-8640.

Minis Use Winchesters, Streaming Tape
Computerworld Oct 12, 1981

COSTA MESA, Calif. - Microtech Business Systems, Inc. has introduced a family of minicomputers built around Winchester disk drives and featuring streaming tape backup.

Available in seven basic configurations, each member of the family includes a high-speed, 16-bit minicomputer and 64K bytes of random-access memory on a single board.  All models support a variety of hard disks, from 10M bytes on a single spindle to as much as 73M bytes on four spindles, according to the firm.

The systems run under Point 4 Data Corp.'s Iris operating system.

Software available includes word processing, accounting packages and a variety of medical, dental, legal and architectural programs.  All packages includes customization and at least eight hours of in-house training, Microtech said.

The smallest system in the family, the System 50, starts at $14,950; the top of the line, System 400, costs $36,000.  Mid-level systems vary in price depending on memory configurations and other options.


And, from my collection, the DART UTILITY REV. 2.6 install tape



Since the original creation of this page, we have successfully read the DART UTILITY tape.

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