Friday, May 20, 2016

Using DSP - SimH IRIS v3

Please download this drive:  iris0c.v03.d31

Use this to replace your current LU0.
I've fixed a few more glitches caused by migrating to the Diablo 31.

DSP works.
To get in, use DSP<space><control-E>X<return>
It is fully documented in the Manager Reference Manual, starting on page 3-11.

When using either the 'D' or 'L' commands, DSP displays so fast it's impossible t pause it where you want. So I patched it to display up to 32 lines and then provide a '!' prompt. Just press <return> to continue the display or <ESC> to terminate. It's not a perfect patch, so sometimes it only displays a few lines before pausing.

If you stretch your simH window full height on your Windows screen, you can get close to 64 lines to show.

Hope that helps.

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