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Point 4 Connection

"The Microtech used the Point-4 CPU until 1982 when Microtech merged with Star*Technologies, and then a new proprietary CPU was designed. Microtech's IRIS OS was licensed from Data General or Point 4, but was Microtech's own version."
-Michael Marselle,
 Applications programmer / Technical Support
 Microtech - Prior to merger with Star Technologies
 1982 – 1984 (2 years) Costa Mesa, CA

Dan Paymar read this page, and offered this clarification to Michael's quote above:
"Although the original BASIC interpreter was written by me (as VP of Educational Data Systems) for Data General, the timesharing system was strictly an EDSI product, and later IRIS was strictly a Point 4 product. None of it could have been licensed from Data General."


Now, we wish we could say that we possess any of the hardware that we picture below, but alas, we do not.  We have culled these pictures from various sources, and we do our best to cite each source under each picture.  Enjoy!

Point 4 Computer, 1979

This is the original.  No "Mark" anything.  It predates the "Mark" nomenclature.

Point 4 Mark series (specific model unknown)
Owned by Bruce at novasareforever.org  Photo courtesy Tim Plummer.

Point 4 Mark 2T

Owned by Bruce at novasareforever.org  Photo courtesy Tim Plummer.

Point 4 Computer User Manual

MiniMicro Systems November 1980 p99  (to be added soon)

Point 4 Emulator
Bruce Ray discusses emulating a Data General Nova, and: 

"Many Nova-similar computers are also supported, including Point 4...."

SimuLogics is the part of Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc. that salvages, restores and archives Data General Nova, Eclipse and MV hardware, software, documentation, sales and product literature, and anything else that reflects this exciting part of computer history.

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